Unparalleled Distribution Reach Across Texas and Louisiana

At Brothers Produce, we take immense pride in our robust transportation and logistics network that enables us to deliver fresh, high-quality produce and food products with unmatched efficiency and reliability. As the largest produce and food service supplier in Texas, we understand that timely and safe delivery is paramount to maintaining the integrity of our perishable goods and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our distribution prowess lies in our extensive fleet of over 200 meticulously maintained vehicles, consisting of state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks, vans, and trailers designed to maintain optimal temperature control and preserve the freshness of our products during transit. Complementing our modern fleet is a team of highly skilled logistics professionals who meticulously plan and coordinate every step of the transportation process, ensuring seamless delivery from our facilities to your doorstep.

What sets Brothers Produce apart, however, is our unwavering commitment to safety. Our drivers undergo rigorous training programs focused on safe driving practices, adherence to regulations, and proper handling of perishable cargo. This dedication to safety, coupled with our cutting-edge fleet tracking and monitoring systems, guarantees that your orders arrive not only on time but also in pristine condition.

With our extensive distribution network spanning throughout Texas and reaching into Louisiana, Brothers Produce is uniquely positioned to cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers, whether they are restaurants, grocery stores, institutions, or individual consumers.

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