Featured Products

Here at Brothers Produce we carry more than fresh produce. In addition to dairy products we also carry many other local and nationwide branded items. Please contact us for more information or pricing on these items.

Bluebonnet Farms

Brothers Produce is a proud distributor of Bluebonnet Farms hydroponic produce. All produce is grown in completely enclosed hydroponic greenhouses. They utilize the most up-to-date controls to monitor and feed our produce, which is sold live with a water-covered root ball.

Meats By Linz

Brothers Produce is proud to be a distributor of Meats by Linz. The Linz family knows meat — they've been in the business for more than 50 years — and rock-solid family values are their trademark. They are the foundation of how they live their lives and do their business. Even after all this time, they remain family-owned and are proud of it.

Fresh Origins

Fresh Origins is America’s leading producer of Microgreens and Edible Flowers! In addition, they grow Petite®Greens, Tiny Veggies™, Herb, Flower & Fruit Crystals® and other unique specialties near San Diego, California. Their ideal growing climate allows them to produce a Microgreen that is robust, healthy, highly flavored and long lasting.

Kitchen Pride Mushrooms

Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms is the only Texas based, family-owned, full-service, Mushroom Farm in the state of Texas. Grown for Texans … by Texans, Kitchen Pride celebrates the love of mushrooms in national standing as one of the country’s premier mushroom farms.

Connor's Greens

Connor’s Greens supplies specially grown microgreens. Our crops are grown using a combination of traditional, hydroponic and sustainable farming techniques that enable our products to be available on a year-round basis.